For many years I have wanted a paperless office. We have a management and a financial system but still seem to have many forms that have to be filled out and then keyed into the computer. Why? Now I hand an iPad to my patients, they fill the information out, fully encrypted and sent to my management system.

I save money on printing, I save time by being more efficient, my patients appreciate the security, and I am HIPPA  compliant.

Tim Barkley, Manager

I use iPracticeForms for my New Patient, Social Media agreement, Insurance and Invisalign forms. That was 200 pages printed out a week! Now my staff’s time is freed up by not having to enter the patients information into our management system and risk keying in the information wrong or risk leaving the forms out were other people can see their private information.

iPractice Forms has made us more efficient, saves us money and has made our office paperless!

Dr. Finginson Anywhere USA,

I have 4 documents that iPracticeForms has customized for me, and now my office is paperless. The forms, when signed are either emailed to specific accounts or saved on our servers hard drives.

Mr. John Anderson, Designer